Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was dumbfounded of what I saw in the television about this Scandal issue,if proven guilty it will led to the revocations of license to the Doctors who were involved in a stupid and animal behavior during the operation of a gay at Vicente Memorial Hospital in Cebu. After I saw it in the news I also read it on different sites in the internet. I also read it on blogs. Anywhere you can hear the topic about the said scandal. When I walked around I saw different newspapers ,still the Cebu Scandal was the front page. It was stated that the Doctors were asking an apology to him but unfortunately a certain gay was pursued his case and claiming for justice. It was humiliating, disgusting, scandalous to him.In fact the video scandal was released on youtube,but this video was already edited and some are doing this as a joke. However, the said video was not actually deleted the unedited in some sites and you can see there how the Doctors, Nurses and other staff laugh.To go over with the real story click here.

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