Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is it True or Not Saudi Arabia allows Catholic Church?

As we all know that Saudi Arabia is a muslim country and they are solid in their religions. According to a certain woman name Porie Palma whom his husband was working in Saudi they will not allow christians to bring any bibles or any catholic instruments, I don't know if still the same as before, because that was 10 years ago.But now one of my friends name Louie wrote and article regarding the First Catholic Church in Saudi Arabia. I read it on his article that,it is now under negotiation between King Abdullah and the Catholic Leaders in Vatican. It was mentioned in the article that despite of their differences there will be Catholic church who can help Catholic Filipinos in their spiritual needs. I know going abroad is a very crucial stage in terms of emotions. I was so happy that hopefully our catholic leaders will now help our fellow Christians to know and preach what is written in the Bible, and help them feed their spiritual needs.

The one who posted about the First Catholic Church for Saudi was more Louie I just posted also in my blog because it is really an interesting article.Hope Louie won't mine if I also posted the same hhehehhe thank you.This friend of mine is in Manama, Bahrain. He feels the sentiments of Christian people because he lives also in a Muslim country. I remember one night, he told us in Dalnet especially Digos channel why some Christians are afraid to mingle with them,in fact they are harmless according to them. For your comments on that quotation just post it here.

I am hoping and praying that the said negotiation will be successful. We will pray for that.