Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last July 31, our school had celebrated the Nutrition Month. Every sections from Grades I to Grades VI had been very busy cooking on their special menu. The theme of the said celebration was "Wastong nutrisyon ni mommy siguradong healthy si baby". this theme is to promote the healthy lifestyle to the filipinos especially our pregnant momies. to decrease the number of under weight children and malnutrition. also to prevent diseases like iron-deficiency anemia (IDA),Vitamin A deficiency (VAD).....Some parents were coming, but in my section I only assigned my students to group by rows, what food they were going to cook. The Barangay Health Workers were busy too, they cooked food to those who were malnurished students.

The parents were busy cooking, they prepared nutritious food like vegetables and our Barangay were rich in vegetables, abundant of fishes and fruits.

The Barangay Health Workers had also contributed, they cooked arozcaldo for those who were malnourished students. These women were actually helping our Barangay voluntarily.
Let me introduced to you my 35 students during their NUTRITION MONTH ACTIVITY.They were having an evaluation. They look very innocent.

Take a glimpse of my Grade V B students during their Nutrition Month Activity they were very happy and excited as if they owned the universe with their best post lol. I thought teaching was my disastrous experienced happening in my life. At my 3 weeks of teaching I felt so devastating and dying it sounds overacting but that’s how I felt when I am joining in the field of academe. Later, I can feel that I am so very lucky because I can impart knowledge to the students who really needs guidance. I can feel their sincerity when I am having my class discussion they seem very innocent and taboo, why? Because of the scarcity of books, my students had a hard time to understand and comprehend that is why I decided to have a film viewing after discussing my topic and I need to bring my laptop just to show the pictures of what my topic means. I can say now that I am more matured than before I can handle myself.

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