Saturday, August 16, 2008

How do you sleep?


How do you sleep? Here’s the breakdown for most of us and how your sleep position tells what kind of person you are.

- Foetal position (on side, legs bent, arms folded prayerlike). Those who sleep this way are tough on the outside, sensitive at heart. More than twice as many women as men sleep this way.

- Log (straight; no bending). These sleepers are social, easygoing and like being part of the in-crowd. Trusting of strangers, they may be gullible.

- Yearner (on side, arms reaching out). They have an open nature but can be cynical, suspicious and slow to make up their minds. Once they’ve made a decision, however, they’re unlikely to change it.

- Soldier (on their backs, arms at their sides). These are generally quiet and reserved. They set high standards for themselves and others.

- Freefaller (on their stomachs, arms grasping the pillow). They’re often brash and gregarious, but can be thin-skinned. They don’t like criticism.

- Starfish (on their backs, arms grasping the pillow). They’re good friends and good listeners.

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