Friday, August 29, 2008

Early Pregnancy of teenagers

As I observed nowadays early pregnancy of teens are very rampant and common. I was wondering what causes of this early pregnancy.I have a Grade V student having an affair and infact they live together now. Are they curious about love affair? Curious of what is sex all about?Usually within the ages of 13-17 become pregnant.I asked myself whom to be blamed?Is it the family, or the sorroundings or maybe the so called "barkada"? Some girls when they reached the menarche, they don't think or aware if their going to get pregnant. Are they aware of it? Or maybe they are lack of information about premarital sex.According to a University of the Philippines study, nearly two million of over 17 million adolescents in the country are sexually active with early sexual debut and unprotected sex.The national demographic and survey supports this fact in its 2003 study, revealing that one out of four women become mothers by age 19, while four out of 10 women in the 20 to 24-year-old bracket have already engaged in sexual activity.The groups identified early sexual encounter and pregnancy because of a number of reasons like peer pressure, media exposure, and inability to discuss with parents regarding sexuality. They later linked early sexual debut and teen pregnancy to early marriage, school dropout, and perpetual poverty.I think we should be vigilant in guiding our teenagers now. They are suppose to be at school to get an education.

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