Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's been awhile that we've been together. I admit our relationship is not perfect but in an almost 4 years we experienced many hardships to the point I need to give up. Sometimes I can say to myself that I am madly in love with this guy. Trials and obstacle that I think I could not be handled by myself, I need to call or talk to my friends to comfort me in times of sadness and sorrow.

I never doubted my genuine love for him.Well, we cannot measures love unless you will not open yourself to your partner... But the trials we had, we became strong. Hay, I never thought that we gone this far. My family welcome him with open arms, and so do I. His family treated me as one, every activities that we had in the family we were there also,we laugh together, we sing together, and all the stuff that made us happy . My friends knew what I experienced but I never surrender because I believe that's part of a relationship. If we are in trouble my family and his family were their to guide even sometimes we had mistakes. Nevertheless, we still forgive each other. Sometimes betrayal comes our way, but I never looked back the past that he did or I never regret that I met him. Hahahaha....Drama naman ko oi...But anyway, to all the girls that my boyfriend loved before please let him go for I am the present and you are the past hahahha..tama ba kaha ni no;; Hay wala lang man gud koy linga woi....We will set aside the hatread for we are not perfect, human as we are, we commit sins and those sins can be forgiven because God died in the cross to forgive all our sins...hahahaha..

But, I will never put a period on this relationship because we, and you, don't know whats gonna happen next..If kami,kami man jud og dili, dili man jud..I know God had a reason for these why I and my boyfriend still in love witheach other for almost 4 years...We do pray that our relationship will get stronger and stronger for we don't know trials will come our way..Cge till here nalang....So girls if you have past relationship with my current boyfriend now,just move on and start a new.Godbless and mabuhay hahhaha...I'm sure masuko jud ni ako fiancee ani hehhehe..bala na oi wala ako magawa eh...byebye...Peace da....just feeling weird now