Saturday, January 03, 2009

Is this Love or Admiration?

Admiring V/S Loving

There is a hair-line difference between admiring someone and loving someone.

We admire people for their achievements, success, mannerisms, intellect and knowledge. When we admire someone we consider them to be our role-model; guide; mentor. We want to be like them. We listen to them. We love their company. We admire people who are slightly from the different world. Most of the time these individuals are far from the reach of normal person.

When we love someone we just love that person no matter what. That individual might have some of the qualities that have been mentioned above or not. Usually they are approachable. They are just like us.
And then sometimes there is a overlap. The person that we admire become reachable. They are just a call away. We always had respect for that individual and when they become approachable we start loving them. We have already seen and read so much about them. And there begins a conflict.

What according to you in a difference between admiration and love?
Do you admire the person you love or do you love the person you admire?

Kindly share your views and opinions.

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