Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Rooster....

Sign Comparison Result

& Horse

The Rooster and the Horse could make a good pair, surprisingly enough -- surprising because the Horse's unpredictable nature wouldn't seem to be a very natural match for the Rooster's exacting perfectionism. The success of this match relies largely on the Horse's flexibility and the Rooster's ability to quell the urge to nag. The Rooster has a very sharp mind and a keen eye that picks up subtleties of detail; these qualities are what lead to the Rooster's insistence on perfection, but are also quite attractive to the Horse. The Horse is a very witty, scintillating companion in part because of its general knowledge of a broad range of subjects; this Sign is quite attracted to the Rooster's specificity of knowledge.

As lovers these two could run into problems, especially if they live together..Click here to continue......

My Personality Profile

The Rooster is the strutting peacock of the Chinese Zodiac! These quick thinkers are practical and resourceful, preferring to stick to what is tried and true rather than taking messy, unnecessary risks. Roosters are keenly observant. It's hard to slip anything past a Rooster, since they seem to have eyes in the backs of their heads! This quality can lead others to think the Rooster is psychic, but that's not generally the case; instead, this Sign enjoys a keen attention to detail that makes it a whiz at anything requiring close analysis. Roosters make great lawyers, brain surgeons and accountants, to name a few of this Sign's possible occupations. Above all else, the Rooster is very straightforward and rewards others' honesty in kind.More here..

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