Sunday, July 06, 2008


I missed my friends, officemates in our office in DepEd Division Office, it's been awhile that I haven't seen them, working with them were very memorable one...Though in the office it was pressured but it was different in the field of teaching. All I can say that teaching is a very noble one, it is my responsibility to mold children...But very frustrating one, why? because in our school, I don't know in other public schools, we don't have books, how can I teach them well without any books at all. Hahay, that's y I really had a hard time discussing to my students. I can compare, before and my present work now. In the office I was busy encoding, entertaining teachers, a liaison officers going to tagum. Sitting all the time facing the computer, sometimes I can browse to the net, sometimes I can talk to my friends. But now, I went to school around 6:30, my class starts at 7:20 ends till 11:15. It's really hard to become a teachers specially now a days that we are now in a competitive world, as I observed that my students are very far behind compare to others. But, as a teacher I really do my responsibilities to teach them base on the learning guide that we had, but unfortunately, we can't do our discussion very fast because of the scarcity of books. Hahay, how pity we are....Even in our school we don't have computers that's why I am very frustrated huhuhuhu. ..Anyway, please help pray that I can adjust this kind of job. Folks this are my Grade V B students.

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