Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello friends, It's been awhile that I haven't visit my blog, I had really a hard time adjusting my new job which is teaching in the public school. For six years, I've been working in the office. Last June 10, 2008 I received my order from our Superintendent Dr. Josephine Fadul that all teachers in the office should teach. I have no choice, during my first day of teaching I was very lonely and so sad because I hate to teach maybe I am not ready yet to teach. Until now, I feel so stressful and very tired. Everynight I keep on crying because I need to study the lesson for tomorrows class. Need to do my visual aids. Need to prepare my lessons...Wew, and now I am planning to resign in my job, as soon as I find another job. Please pray for me that I maybe able to surpass all my trials and accept the reality that I belong to the new world which is teaching kids.

In the meantime I seldom post my articles here due to my very hectic schedule.


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